Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Office Envy

I spend so much time these days in my office, that I often get distracted thinking about how I wish I could really re-decorate it. One of my good friends helped me rearrange (and I put up my super cool curtains from IKEA) and it made a huge difference! But I really want to start over from scratch. Here's a nice office from Pottery Barn. I think I would definitely get more work done if I had a new desk! But why is mine always sooooo much more cluttered than this!? Oh, I know, because I don't live inside a magazine! Oh well, some day...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Windsor Smith

As I'm busily procrastinating my homework, I decided to take a few much needed minutes to try to catch up on my blog reading. And as La Dolce Vita has become a staple for me (as for most of you I'm sure), I really liked the room she posted today by Windsor Smith, and so I investigated her page, and was not disappointed. Paloma chose one of her rooms from the "Mandeville Bungalow." The first picture I've posted is another shot from the same house, and the next two are from the "Beach House." I hope you enjoy them as much I did.

Great mixture of colors, styles and textiles!
I totally want to hang out at this house! I feel relaxed just looking at it. Can you imagine if this were your beach get-away?
Have a fabulous weekend--we're headed to the mountains instead of the beach, celebrating my mom's birthday!