Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Office Envy

I spend so much time these days in my office, that I often get distracted thinking about how I wish I could really re-decorate it. One of my good friends helped me rearrange (and I put up my super cool curtains from IKEA) and it made a huge difference! But I really want to start over from scratch. Here's a nice office from Pottery Barn. I think I would definitely get more work done if I had a new desk! But why is mine always sooooo much more cluttered than this!? Oh, I know, because I don't live inside a magazine! Oh well, some day...


  1. I am so smiling @ the post where you document your first trip to IKEA...loved it.

    Yes and go ahead and make yourself a nice work space,,,you deserve it.

  2. I adore those windows- do you think you could install those in your office? I think this is magazine envy!

  3. I could take a picture of a really large stack of books so you could at least have that part of this office....or maybe, if you're feeling wealthy, you could send me to Paris and I could take a picture of the Eiffel Tower, and you could have that instead of just a drawing...

  4. I'm sure you office will be better than this catalog shot!

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  5. Ok, so this office is pretty fantastic. Maybe if we knocked out a couple of walls...