Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friend Heroin and a New Inspiration

So, my three best friends from high school were here this weekend and let me tell you--we had an awesome time! In fact, it was like a triple shot of friend heroin. They left at 1:00 today and now I'm going through serious withdrawal! You forget how much fun you have with people that you don't get to see regularly, so then when you finally get to see them, you feel their absence that much more!
So one of my dear friends, Tara, gave me a great belated birthday present--the Domino Book of Decorating, and I'm so excited!

So I've gotten re-inspired for my blog. I'm starting a list of every designer from this book that inspires me in some way, then I'm going to research them further and post all of their coolest designs. I feel kind of like Julie from Julie and Julia (great movie!). But instead of french recipes, I'm going to post about fabulous designers! I see all of these great designers highlighted on my fellow design blogs, and most of them I've never heard of--so I'm going to educate myself. Now I know you're just dying with curiosity to see who's going to be featured first...but you'll have to wait until tomorrow (or sometime this week).


  1. I am so glad you are re inspired because then you can share it with everybody!

  2. Oh, Liza, you are my heroine! I hope this inspiration continues, and in times of doubt, remember to "buck up, little soldier, and chortle"!

  3. It is SOOO great to get together with old friends. Most of my best friends don't live near me, and it would be so nice if they lived closer...I know exactly what you mean. And, of course I love the DOMINO book.