Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lacking Inspiration Where Design is Concerned

I'm trying to post something, but I just have nothing creative and inspiring to post regarding the design world.  Right now my mind is swimming with thoughts of Performance Based Assessments for my students, the 50 compositions I still have left to grade, and the inspiring, yet difficult topic of Critical Race Theory.

Will you all abandon me if I begin to rant about some of the injustices I'm learning about as I delve into the world of language and literacy, looking at how power and position-even with regards to something as seemingly simple as language--affect our public schools and society at large?  I imagine you will, therefore I will just briefly mention this book.
Racial inequality is not a topic for the faint of heart, but this book has caught my attention!  Each time I pick it up and begin reading I think, "Critical Race Theory--where have you been all my life?!?"  And why aren't we talking about it more and thinking about how to solve problems of racism in our country? 

Well, that's all I'll say about that.  Thanks for humoring me.  I'll try to make my next post about something pretty!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Good Cause

As you may remember, Ben and I are in the process of trying to adopt.  And while we are excited about this, there are many challenges along the way, one large one being the financial aspect.  Thankfully, our money is already provided for, but we have some good friends who are also trying to adopt.  Our pastor's wife, Stacy from the blog Blessed Chaos, is making these cool wreaths to raise money for their adoption.  They are only $15.00 and the money goes directly toward Kenny and Meredith's adoption fund.  I've already ordered mine, so if you want one too, just click on the link under the picture and follow the directions.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The One That Got Away

Have you ever missed a golden opportunity to be on the cutting edge of design before anyone else? You were flipping through a magazine and thought, "I saw a (fill-in-the-blank) just like that two years ago! I should have gotten it when I had the chance." Well, that doesn't happen too often, but these chairs:

image via sundance

I see them everywhere!

Let me just tell you. In the first house we ever rented. Our landlord was a homewrecker. Literally, he tore down buildings for a living, and often got to salvage whatever happened to be left in the building before destroying it. He also stored many of these "treasures" in the shed in our backyard/junkyard. He must have had 50 of these cool aluminum chairs he had gotten when one of the state mental hospitals closed down (creepy, I know). Anyhow, we thought they were the coolest and used them in our house. When we moved out, I wanted to keep some, but in the hustle and bustle, never got around to asking him (although I highly doubt he would have noticed if a few had gone missing.)

Well, now that I keep an eye on what's in style, I kick myself every time I see one of these chairs in a designer magazine! Oh well, c'est la vie.

What's your one that got away?