Thursday, March 11, 2010

Asheville Art

Thanks goodness it's Spring break!  The winter doldrums are starting to clear as I have one daffodil blooming and one iris!  There are many tulips popping up as well, but no blooms yet.  As inspiring as the Spring weather is, you all know that I'm always inspired when I get a chance to head up to Asheville for a little visit back home.  Not only is it refreshing to see my family (and my most adorable nephews!), but I always try to hit a few art galleries while I'm downtown to keep an eye out for something fresh to post here.

And my last trip did not disappoint.  I found two artists that I really like.  The first, Maggie Hopper, has made it difficult to copy pictures from her website, so the little bitty pics will have to give you a taste until you can head on over to her site to check her out for yourself.

And for the second Kristie Taylor, I don't believe the photos do justice to her work, so I'm only posting two shots.

They look better in these shots from a distance, than they do in the shots up close, but seeing them in person would be better.  Oh well, at least you get the idea.  What do you think--are their stars on the rise?  I hope so.  Enjoy.


  1. stars on the rise, for sure:) also, you have a daffodil!? ...i must come see it!!

  2. Hello! I was so excited to see my paintings on your blog! I totally agree with you about viewing them in photos, some of the characteristics seem near to impossible to capture. Thanks so much for sharing my work, such great encouragement I'm inspired to go paint right now...

  3. Love that kind of colourful art!

  4. Yes both artist do stunning work. Spring is the best. A time for new growth.

    I hope all is going well for you!

    xo - Christina