Monday, January 4, 2010

On the brighter side

My last post was a little heavy, and now I'm kind of embarrased that I shared so much. So, this next post is a little "lighter".

In Florida for Christmas, my mother-in-law was inspired by my IKEA post. She decided that my gift would be to take me to that glorious heaven of Scandanavian design for the day (and not rush me like some people did!) and give me $100.00 to spend. What a great gift! The closest one to them is in Tampa, about an hour away.
The main thing I bought was this light which I'm planning on putting in our office (which will hopefully become our nursery one day).
So my question is this: is it weird to put a light like this in an office/bedroom? What do you design-junkies think?
The funny thing about our trip was that we took our time, looked at everything upstairs, ate lunch, looked at everything downstairs, and then when we had completely had our fill of IKEA, we got ready to go. We headed out to the car, parcels in hand, and I couldn't find my keys! So, we went back in, I went to lost and found (and those of you that have been there, know that there's no quick and easy way to get around--that place is HUGE!)
After finding no keys, and climbing onto the hood of my car to try to see if my keys were anywhere visible in the car, we got my brother-in-law to call Triple A to see if they would come (just hoping they were somehere in the car so my husband would not have to drive out an hour during rush hour traffic to bring me the spare key). We went back inside, got a frozen yogurt and a tray of cinnamon buns, and waited. Thankfully, when the Triple A man arrived and broke into our car, they were sitting just where I'd left them, underneath the IKEA catalog!!!
Needless to say, I got more than I ever wanted of IKEA--but we had a great time and we enjoyed our adventure together. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!


  1. i like the light for the office/bedroom/nursery. it adds interest. and you could always spray paint it for a nursery. :)

  2. You were drawn to the light fixture for a reason so why not go with what you love. Ultimately, you will end up with a home that you love and reflects who you are.

  3. Eliza, I know what you are going through right now with the heartbreak of not being able yo bear children so easily.

    It took us 7 years to have children but somewhere in between we had turned in our adoption papers and were picked for a baby boy. Funny thing was that I had just found out I was pregnant through IVF. Its hard to know why we go through certain things but God is aware of you..that I am sure of. If you ever want to contact me about what you are going through please do. I remember those emotions all too well.

    Now I am dealing with the opposite end of the instant family or my own little daycare & that is hard too but I'd never complain after all that we went through to get them.

    My thoughts are with you friend.


  4. Here's my two cents on lighting (well decorating)...if people can put chandeliers in a bathroom (which I LOVE), then anything goes, as long as you like it and embrace it. There is nothing worse than using an element that you love, but feeling uncomfortable and trying to camouflage it. Camouflage is for hiding things that you hate and don't have the money to replace. :)

    I just read your 12-31 post. I'll be praying for you.


  5. I'm glad the keys weren't in the antique wooden box...We love you guys and are thinking about you during this challenging time.