Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hand-Painted Lovelies

I was browsing one of my regular reads, Bloesem, when one of her ads actually caught my eye.  She always posts the most unique and beautiful things.  So I clicked on the link, and found the piece that had caught my eye, this adorable Victorian Row House storage container.
I put it in my cart and contemplated where I could use it in my house, then I went to default, when I can't justify buying it for myself and thought, "Who I could buy it for?" (Because gifts don't really count when you're spending money, right?)  Then I remembered one reason I started this blog.  Because I don't have a lot of space left in my house, so instead of buying the cute things I see, I could start posting them for others to see and enjoy.

So, happily, and with animal shopper's instinct under control, I continued to browse and found these other hand-painted fabulous finds.  Perhaps I can tempt you to purchase one for your home...or maybe you could buy it as a gift!

images via bookou


  1. All gorgeous- I love the row houses & pillows! I need good pillows...

  2. That little bird pillow is adorable!

  3. Buy one for me! Those are wonderful!