Sunday, June 27, 2010

When the Husband's Away, the Wife Will Play

Last night one of my other decor-addicted friends, Elizabeth, and I stayed up until 1 in the morning playing at our mutual friend Liz's house.  You see, Liz's sweet husband is away for the weekend, so we took the opportunity change up a few things in her house.

Although our main task was to help her think about re-decorating the master bedroom, Elizabeth, who has self-diagnosed Room A.D.D. had us moving furniture in the dining room, living room, and re-dressing the bed in the guest room as well.

The funniest moment, however, is when we headed to the back room, which is currently a laundry room/art space/catch-all, and hidden away, back in the furthest reaches of the house, Elizabeth spies a large, beautiful, antiquey/whimsical framed map of Italy (a gift from one of Liz's co-workers, reminiscent of Liz's family background) and exclaims with delight, "I love this map!  It's gorgeous!"  Liz goes on to say how much she and her husband like it as well to which Elizabeth responds, "Oh great idea Liz, take the cutest picture in your whole house, and be sure to hang it where no one will ever see it!"  Poor Liz, they thought they had found a nice place of honor for it, (behind the kitchen on the way out the back door).  So, we decided to place it in the M.B. and we think it should become the inspiration piece for the rest of the room.

Now to decide on a new paint color for the walls...we suggested a light grey, but Liz was worried about gray evoking thoughts of prisons.  So, here are a few pics (via Houzz) that I hope will change her mind about gray.

grey walls-Turquoise bedding bedroom

Guest Room Redesign traditional bedroom


  1. hilair! also, elizabeth's tact is awesome!

  2. Love gray walls -done right they make a room look so sophisticated! Love the two bedrooms you featured! :-)

    Hope you're having a beautiful week!