Friday, August 21, 2009

Another New House

Recently I posted about a friend who just bought a new house, and needed inspiration. Well, I have another friend who just bought her first house and has painted the kitchen a VERY bright yellow. She wants help knowing what else to do with it. I suggested using black and white as accents, but she also wants to work in red to match her dishes. Here are some pics with yellow as a part of the room. Any suggestions of what to do with this much yellow on the walls?

images via elle decor and house beautiful


  1. Red and yellow can be a great french country look with a white kitchen (is it white). Blue is another colour that looks fabulous with yellow!!

  2. Yellow is pretty neutral - unless it is super sunshiney. She could pull in just about anything. She can pull in accents of green, blue, red, orange, etc. Not necessarily all at the same time. I toned down my yellow with some dark frames, plate groupings, and am about to put up a large blackboard on my largest wall. I think another nice contrast is to change out switch and outlet covers for something dark. A quick, cheap update that makes a big change.