Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's All About Sarah Richardson

I was inspired to check out the work of Sarah Richardson when I saw some of her turquoise rooms posted on none other than House of Turquoise. Since she delightfully showcased the best of the aqua, I thought I'd bring you some of the other beauties that I loved. I think what made each of these rooms jump out at me are the different fabrics she uses. What stands out to you?

Not only are the drapes fabulous, but I love the light fixture.

Again I'm in love with the drapes.

Pillows are lovely!

And this whole nursery is to die for! But again, check out the fabric!

I love the unique way she's upholstered the whole bed!


  1. Aren't these fabrics just something else?! The patterns and colors are gorgeous! I officially love Sarah Richardson!

  2. Me too! Can we start a fan club?

  3. The bed with the mirror and green accent pillows just pops! I love the lamps as well!

  4. She seems to find the most amazing fabrics. Or maybe she just shops at the very expensive showroom that I rarely go to. Beautiful! I'm in love with the way she designs her pillows!

  5. I love her but she does have very expensive taste! I'm going to copy her when I'm in my new house an post the pics

  6. Shes the best!!! i find when i am redoing a room I ask myself what would Sarah do??