Monday, September 7, 2009

Any Phoebe Howard Fans?

Thanks to some fabulous blog out there, I'm sorry I don't remember which one, I was turned on to the designs of Phoebe Howard. I checked out her website and found her style to be beautiful, yet also versatile. The ones I've featured here have some definite similarities in color and style, because those are the ones that appealed to me. But I really liked how she is able to create many varied looks, some bold, graphic, fresh and new. Others more classic and traditional. Still others very simple and/or artsy. Ms. Howard's got something for everyone. How do you like these?

Here I'm drawn to the softness of the pink.

The symmetry in this room is fantastic.

Of course I'm always drawn to textiles.

And once again, the pink just does it for me!


  1. It is actually Phoebe Howard, not Richardson. Yes, she is very talented and has beautiful work!

  2. Sorry, in my original post I accidentally wrote Phoebe Richardson--just thinking about one of my other favorite designers--Sarah Richardson!

  3. Yes, big fan! I love her interiors and the colors she uses when designing!

  4. Yes I am a big fan & I can see why you like this photos from her portfolio.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my Blogger Book Fair today. What a lovely blog you have here, I will be sure to stop by again!

  6. Love that pink room of hers! That's the way I'd decorate a room with pink!