Friday, September 11, 2009

Unique Style

Once again, my turquoise friend (okay, we've never met, but I really like her blog, so I think of her as my friend) has introduced me to someone cool. On a recent post she featured some photography of Joanna Henderson, but true to her obsession, she only posted the aqua elements. So I followed her link to Joanna Henderson, and was intrigued by some of her other rooms. And being the equal opportunity color appreciator that I am, I thought I'd feature them here.
What style would you call this? It's such a nice mix of styles that it's a little hard to classify. Maybe some of you real designers could enlighten me. Any thoughts?


  1. "Equal opportunity color appreciator"= LOVE it!! I'm so happy you followed the link to discover all the other fabulous interiors!! I wish I knew what style they'd be called...I'm clueless too! Have a great weekend! (Oh, and we're totally friends!!)

  2. I love the wallpaper 3rd down! I want it!