Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Lately I've really been on an art kick, and whenever I go home to Asheville, I have certain galleries, and certain art within those galleries that I like to visit. Here are some of the artists I like from a newer gallery called Atelier.

These two paintings are by an artist called Deonna. I bought one of her little bitty pieces--it was just too cute to resist.

The next two photographs are by a documentary photographer Jill Snyder. The series being showcased at Atelier are from her work in the Appalachian mountainas (home sweet home) where she documents traditional mountain music and dance.

And these pieces are for the wall, but they are more like sculpture done by Heather Knight of Element Clay Studios. I love the funky modern textures. I've linked to all of their webpages where you can see more information about each of them.

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