Wednesday, June 10, 2009

South of the Border???

I just got back from a trip to the Outer Banks with my husband. Every summer my aunt lets us use her beach house and we gather together the whole family for a week. On the way there, we always pass "South of the Border" a truck stop/theme park, and as a Spanish teacher, I always struggle with a little inner turmoil. It's outstanding kitschiness is simply overwhelming and fabulous, and yet Pedro, and the Giant sombrero elevator ride are just ever so slightly perpetuating what could be considered a negative stereotype of our Mexican friends. At any rate, I think it's worth mentioning because you can't miss it for the hundred miles of signs you pass leading up to it from both directions! Anyone share my fascination with this loco locale?

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  1. Ms. Liza W.,

    All I can say is remember a certain pictura of you and us at the top of the sombrero during a certain Cooper River Bridge Race weekend. Icy hot and hot tamales--que bien! As a quick Jeopardy aside, Ben Bernake, current chair of the federal reserve, grew up working at South of the Border; so great people come from great places!

    amanda and aaron