Monday, July 20, 2009

Tuesday's To-Do

Today I'm introducing a feature on my blog--Tuesday's To-Do where I plan on focusing attention on some worthy cause, venture, idea, etc. So, my first Tuesday's To-Do is...

Change the world one shipping container at a time.

This is the most exciting and innovative idea I've heard about in a long time! You absolutely must visit the SEED project blog and see how they are reusing shipping containers to make affordable and incredible housing for people displaced after hurricanes.

I heard a brief segment about them on NPR today and thought I'd just check it out. Then when I saw these pictures I got so excited about what could be done. You see, they are taking these used abandoned shipping containers that are littering the harbors in the Caribbean and making them into homes. I'm still in awe of this incredible idea!

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  1. So amazing! This is what I love about blogs, the things you learn!