Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday's To-Do:

This post is not a piece of cake, even though these cupcakes are sold to raise money for breast cancer research.

Tuesday's To-Do is:

Encourage someone who's going through cancer.

Sometimes it's hard to know what to do when friends and family go through something difficult, so it's easier to just avoid them. After going through the intense battle with my husband's cancer, which was complicated by a stroke as well, I can tell you--ANYTHING you do will be appreciated, except ignoring or avoiding them. Send a card or some flowers--it really helps. Bring a meal, or just a cappuccino from Starbuck's. Whatever little thing you can do to brighten their day, just do it---even if it's hard for you. And don't just say, "Let me know if you need anything!" Just pitch in and do something, don't wait for them to ask.

My first inspiring feature (and I guess I'm a little biased) is my husband's blog, Why I Survive. This picture is from one of his posts about how his friends on his ultimate frisbee team raised money by selling personalized discs. His life inspires me, and I know his blog is inspiring many others as he deals with the effects of brain surgery, lung and stomach surgery, stroke, chemo etc. If you want to be encouraged, check out his blog.

This video is from this week's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance", and it's about a woman's fight with breast cancer. It's beautiful to see the strength they both portray.

Or be encouraged by Lance Armstrong and the amazing work he's doing to fight testicular cancer.

I know that cancer has touched almost all of our lives, some of us in bigger ways than others, but we're all in this race together, and your friends who are going through something this difficult, need you there to encourage them across the finish line.

Have a great day and I hope this post isn't a downer, it was meant to challenge and inspire.


  1. thanks for this post. it really is true. sometimes it's hard to know how to help, and it's so good to hear that just doing something is a great way to start. i will be praying for your family.