Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Everyone Should go Green

Design by Samantha Pynn

Design by Candice Olsen

If you want to have a room as beautiful as these, you should consider bringing in natural elements with texture and interest. The table and chairs (below) are made from reclaimed railroad ties, and the nesting tables are also reclaimed wood. They seem like a perfect blend of rustic, with a modern feel. And speaking of green, if you haven't seen Samantha Pynn's show Pure Style on HGTV, it's by far the best one on right now in my opinion. She has beautiful taste, and tries to bring in as many earth friendly elements as possible, without sacrificing style.

Cottage Living

Cottage Living

What do you think? Too much, or just right?


  1. Thanks for the comment on House of Turquoise...I'm so glad I stopped by! I LOVE that first room. Great tips too. And I love that table and chairs!

  2. It's lovely, and the natural more rustic elements are great!

  3. Hello!

    Followed you through House of Turquoise.

    Keep that dream of being an interior designer alive, you never know when it'll come in handy. :)

    Take care,


  4. I found you through the House of Turquoise too. I was so excited to see the design by Samantha Pynn because I have a similar 2 piece wall unit purchased from a thrift store that I refinished and painted white and club chair in various rooms in my home. Perhaps I might consider moving things around. My idea of going green is keeping things out the landfill by reusing, refinishing and repurposing items.

    And love the headboard which can be used in front of a window as well. Definitely will add that to my project "to do" list. Thanks for the inspiration and welcome to the blogosphere! I am new as well and we both started around the same time. Good luck!